Buzzbands.LA on KCSN

The spring pledge drive winds down this weekend on KCSN, and on tonight’s L.A. Buzz Bands Show, I will again be asking that you become a contributing member. If you’ve had your ear to the ground (and the airwaves) the past two years, you know that KCSN has become a player in L.A. radio, thanks to a listener-supported, non-commercial format that gives you a diverse playlist and music 24/7. It’s been my privilege to host the L.A. Buzz Bands Show for 93 weeks now, doing what I enjoy, supporting the local scene. So we’re asking that you reciprocate some of that support.

In between asking you to call (800) 795-5276 and pledge (for as little as $50, you score some nice premiums), I will still have time to highlight music from some notable album releases by emerging L.A. artists on this week’s show. We’ll hear from the Neighbourhood, Youngblood Hawke, Victory and Sara Melson — whose new albums came out this past week — and several others whose albums come out in the next two weeks, including Hanni El Khatib, Big Black Delta, Hands and Touché. Plus, I’ll have new singles from Cillie Barnes and Landon Marcus, along with something new and tasty from old pals The 88.

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